Made with 100% Michigan ingredients

Our beers are made with traditional methods and modern knowledge. We specialize in barrel fermented and aged beers that use ingredients from the Great Lakes region. 

Cherry Catharina Sour

Fruity • Tart • 4%

A Brazilian style based on berliner weisse. Typically made with tropical native fruit, this Michigan version uses Montmorency cherries. Fermented on white wine American oak barrels. Ⓥ,

Session Weisse

Light • Refreshing • 4.3%

Open-fermented in an American oak foeder at ambient temperature to accentuate banana esters. Triple decoction mashed and highly carbonated. Ⓥ

Hazy American IPA

Hoppy • Fruity • Bitter • 6.7%

Open-fermented in an American oak foeder. Hopped and dry-hopped with Paradigm, a Great Lakes Hops’ exclusive. Ⓥ

American Pale Ale

Light • Hoppy • Oak • 4.2%

A single malt, single hop ale. 100% pale malt, double decoction mashed, fermented and conditioned on white wine American oak barrels. Ⓥ

Emerald IPA

Hoppy • Fruity • Full-Bodied • 7.0%

A hot-fermented IPA with Kveik yeast. The mash bill combines pale malt with oats and rye. Hopped with Emerald Spire hops, a Great Lakes Hops exclusive. Ⓥ

Vienna Ale

Malty • Toasty • Light • 4.8%

Made with Vienna and Munich malts and open-fermented in an American oak foeder.  Lightly hopped with Mt. Rainier hops. Ⓥ

Strawberry Gose  

Fruity • Tart • Light • 5.3%

A tart and refreshing ale with slight salinity. Made with whole strawberries and open-fermented in an American oak foeder. Ⓥ

Elderflower Saison

Herbal • Peppery • Fruity • 5.5%

A foeder-fermented and barrel-aged saison brewed with fresh elderflowers from Mud Lake Farm. Ⓥ

Peach Berliner Weisse

Fruity • Floral • Tart • 4.0%

A co-inoculation of Kveik yeast and lactobacillus, this beer was fermented & aged in an oak barrel that previously held the elderflower saison. The floral fruitiness of the elderflower pairs perfectly with the addition of fresh local peaches in this tart wheat beer. Ⓥ


Rotating Flavors • 5.0%

Brewed in-house and topped with rotating syrup flavors from Monin. Ⓥ, GF



Earl Grey (Black) • Peaceful Peninsulas (Green) • Hummingbird Nectar (Herbal)

From: Light of Day Organics, a certified organic & biodynamic tea farm in Traverse City, MI. Ⓥ, GF

Farm- Crafted Soda

Root Beer • Ginger • Chamomile

From: Mud Lake Farm, a sustainable farm in Hudsonville, MI. Ⓥ, GF


We make our wines from what grows happily in the Great Lakes region and are joining other producers that are on a quest to discover what a true American wine really is. Instead of using European grape varieties, we use American grape varieties and other locally abundant and delicious ingredients such as maple syrup, apples, blueberries, honey, elderberries, cherries, mulberries, and more. This allows us to work alongside nature to bring you unique wines. 

Coming 2024


We do not have a full kitchen, but we currently offer beer-friendly snacks like soft pretzels, whitefish dip, and bean dip. We welcome you to support one of Allegan’s local restaurants and bring food into our tasting room to enjoy!